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Exercise: it's only a matter of time.
Nicholas J Saner; Matthew J-C Lee
Impact of Gender on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Outcomes.
Julia Stehli; Misha Dagan; Sarah Zaman; Ji Quan Samuel Koh; Edward Quine; Natalia Gouskova; Claudia Crawford; Michael Dong; Shane Nanayakkara; Nay M Htun; Dion Stub; Ronald Dick; Antony Walton; Stephen J Duffy
Previous studies indicate that women who underwentwho underwent transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) have poorer 30-day outcomes compared with men. However, the effect of gender as a prognostic factor for long-term outcomes following TAVI remains unclear. Between 2008 and 2018, all patients (n = 683) who underwent TAVI in 2 centres in Melbourne, Australia were prospectively included i...
High-Resolution Transcriptomic Profiling of the Heart During Chronic Stress Reveals Cellular Drivers of Cardiac Fibrosis and Hypertrophy.
Micheal A McLellan; Daniel A Skelly; Malathi S I Dona; Galen T Squiers; Gabriella E Farrugia; Taylah L Gaynor; Charles D Cohen; Raghav Pandey; Henry Diep; Antony Vinh; Nadia A Rosenthal; Alexander R Pinto
CIRCULATION - 30 Jul 2020
Cardiac fibrosis is a key antecedent to many types of cardiac dysfunction including heart failure. Physiological factors leading to cardiac fibrosis have been recognized for decades. However, the specific cellular and molecular mediators that drive cardiac fibrosis, and the relative impact of disparate cell populations on cardiac fibrosis, remain unclear. We developed a novel cardiac single-ce...
Diet-related gut microbial metabolites and sensing in hypertension.
Rikeish R Muralitharan; Francine Z Marques
Advances in sequencing technology have increased our understanding of the composition of the gut microbiota and their contribution to health and disease states, including in cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension. The gut microbiota is heavily influenced by diet and produce metabolites such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) from various food sources. SCF...
Identifying new cellular mechanisms of mineralocorticoid receptor activation in the heart.
Morag J Young; Monica Kanki; Peter J Fuller; Jun Yang
Recent studies have expanded our understanding of the actions of the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) to a diverse array of tissue types that differ substantially from the epithelial cells of the renal nephron. In these cell types the role of the MR has been largely, but not exclusively, defined in terms of pathogenic signalling pathways leading to tissue injury and remodelling. Macrophages and ...
Sympathomodulation in congestive heart failure: From drugs to devices.
Guido Grassi; Gino Seravalle; Murray Esler
Indirect and direct approaches to assess sympathetic neural function in man have shown that congestive heart failure is characterized by a marked adrenergic overdrive. Although compensatory in the initial phases of the disease, with time the sympathetic overactivity exerts adverse cardiovascular effects, favoring the disease progression and promoting the occurrence of non-fatal and fatal cardio...
Health Literacy and Primordial Prevention in Childhood-An Opportunity to Reduce the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease.
Rachel Climie; Valentin Fuster; Jean-Philippe Empana
Neonatal genetics of gene expression reveal potential origins of autoimmune and allergic disease risk.
Qin Qin Huang; Howard H F Tang; Shu Mei Teo; Danny Mok; Scott C Ritchie; Artika P Nath; Marta Brozynska; Agus Salim; Andrew Bakshi; Barbara J Holt; Chiea Chuen Khor; Peter D Sly; Patrick G Holt; Kathryn E Holt; Michael Inouye
Chronic immune-mediated diseases of adulthood often originate in early childhood. To investigate genetic associations between neonatal immunity and disease, we map expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) in resting myeloid cells and CD4 T cells from cord blood samples, as well as in response to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulation, respectively. Cis-eQTLs are larg...
Impact of the 2017 American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology hypertension guideline in aged individuals.
Enayet Karim Chowdhury; Michael E Ernst; Mark Nelson; Karen Margolis; Lawrie J Beilin; Collin Johnston; Robyn Woods; Anne Murray; Rory Wolfe; Elsdon Storey; Raj C Shah; Jessica Lockery; Andrew Tonkin; Anne Newman; Walter Abhayaratna; Nigel Stocks; Sharyn Fitzgerald; Suzanne Orchard; Ruth Trevaks; Geoffrey Donnan; R Grimm; John McNeil; Christopher M Reid;
The AHA/ACC-2017 hypertension guideline recommends an age-independent target blood pressure (BP) of less than 130/80 mmHg. In an elderly cohort without established cardiovascular disease (CVD) at baseline, we determined the impact of this guideline on the prevalence of hypertension and associated CVD risk.Nineteen thousand, one hundred and fourteen participants aged at least 65 years from the A...
Trajectories of Dietary Patterns, Sleep Duration, and Body Mass Index in China: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study from China Nutrition and Health Survey, 1991-2009.
Yingting Cao; Xiaoyue Xu; Zumin Shi
NUTRIENTS - 27 Jul 2020
No study has used trajectories of dietary patterns to examine their effects on sleep duration and body mass index over time in the Chinese population. We analyzed data from adults participating in the China Health and Nutrition Survey between 1991 and 2009. Dietary intake was measured by a 24-h recall method over three consecutive days. Height and body weight were measured, and sleep duration w...
Mind the gap: Knowledge deficits in evaluating young sudden cardiac death.
Elizabeth Paratz; Christopher Semsarian; Andre La Gerche
HEART RHYTHM - 25 Jul 2020
Sudden cardiac arrest affects around half a million people aged under 50 years old annually, with a 90% mortality rate. Despite high patient numbers and clear clinical need to improve outcomes, many gaps exist in the evidence underpinning patients' management. Domains identifying the greatest barriers to conducting trials are the prehospital and forensic settings, which also provide care to the...
Changes in the Preterm Heart From Birth to Young Adulthood: A Meta-analysis.
Fernando Telles; Nicholas McNamara; Shane Nanayakkara; Mathew P Doyle; Michael Williams; Lauren Yaeger; Thomas H Marwick; Paul Leeson; Philip T Levy; Adam J Lewandowski
PEDIATRICS - 01 Aug 2020
Preterm birth is associated with incident heart failure in children and young adults.To determine the effect size of preterm birth on cardiac remodeling from birth to young adulthood.Data sources include Medline, Embase, Scopus, Cochrane databases, and clinical trial registries (inception to March 25, 2020).Studies in which cardiac phenotype was compared between preterm individuals born at <37 ...
Cardiac Imaging in the Post-ISCHEMIA Trial Era: A Multisociety Viewpoint.
Leslee Shaw; Raymond Y Kwong; Eike Nagel; Michael Salerno; Farouc Jaffer; Ron Blankstein; Vasken Dilsizian; Frank Flachskampf; Paul Grayburn; Jonathan Leipsic; Tom Marwick; Koen Nieman; Subha Raman; Partho Sengupta; William Zoghbi; Patricia A Pellikka; Madhav Swaminathan; Sharmila Dorbala; Randall Thompson; Mouaz Al-Mallah; Dennis Calnon; Donna Polk; Prem Soman; Rob Beanlands; Kirk N Garrett; Timothy D Henry; Sunil V Rao; Peter L Duffy; David Cox; Cindy Grines; Ehtisham Mahmud; Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci; Sven Plein; John P Greenwood; Colin Berry; James Carr; Andrew E Arai; Venkatesh L Murthy; Terrence D Ruddy; Y Chandrashekhar
Prevalence, Outcomes and Cost Implications of Patients Undergoing Same Day Discharge After Elective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Australia.
Stephanie Liew; Diem Dinh; Danny Liew; Angela Brennan; Stephen Duffy; Christopher Reid; Jeffrey Lefkovits; Dion Stub;
Despite international growth in the use of same day percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), its widespread use remains limited. This study sought to determine the prevalence, clinical outcomes and cost implications of same day discharge (SDD) amongst Australian patients undergoing elective PCI.This is a retrospective, observational cohort study of patients who underwent elective PCI in Victor...
The Association Between Age of Onset of Type 2 Diabetes and the Long-term Risk of End-Stage Kidney Disease: A National Registry Study.
Jedidiah I Morton; Danny Liew; Stephen P McDonald; Jonathan E Shaw; Dianna J Magliano
DIABETES CARE - 01 Aug 2020
The long-term risk of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) in type 2 diabetes is poorly described, as is the effect that younger age of diabetes onset has on this risk. Therefore, we aimed to estimate the effect of age of onset on the cumulative incidence of ESKD from onset of type 2 diabetes.This study included 1,113,201 people with type 2 diabetes registered on the Australian National Diabetes Ser...
Data on the modulatory effects of a single bolus dexamethasone on the surface marker expression of various leucocyte subsets.
D F Draxler; C R Bain; R Taylor; S Wallace; O Gouldthorpe; T B Corcoran; P S Myles; K Bozaoglu; R L Medcalf
DATA IN BRIEF - 01 Oct 2020
Dexamethasone is frequently administered to surgical patients for anti-emetic prophylaxis. We have examined the immunomodulatory effects of a single bolus of dexamethasone on circulating peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in the same 10 healthy male volunteers, previously used in our investigation on early effects of a single anti-emetic dose of dexamethasone on innate immune cell gene...
Association of Asymptomatic Diastolic Dysfunction Assessed by Left Atrial Strain With Incident Heart Failure.
Elizabeth L Potter; Satish Ramkumar; Hiroshi Kawakami; Hong Yang; Leah Wright; Tomoko Negishi; Thomas H Marwick
This study is to establish the association of left atrial reservoir strain (LARS) with incident heart failure (HF), and the impact of substituting LARS for left atrial (LA) volume index (LAVI) in diastolic assessment.LARS measures passive LA stretch and is a sensitive marker of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (DD). The potential contribution of LARS to diastolic assessment is unclear.Bas...
Cardiometabolic risk factor control in black and white people in the United States initiating sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors: A real-world study.
Olga Montvida; Subodh Verma; Jonathan E Shaw; Sanjoy K Paul
To explore cardiometabolic risk profiles, the probability of sustainable control, and the effectiveness of treatment with sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors in black and white adults in the United States with type 2 diabetes.Using nationally representative US electronic medical records, 72 690 white and 10 004 black adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes initiating SGLT2 inhibito...
Association Between the Gut Microbiota and Blood Pressure in a Population Cohort of 6953 Individuals.
Joonatan Palmu; Aaro Salosensaari; Aki S Havulinna; Susan Cheng; Michael Inouye; Mohit Jain; Rodolfo A Salido; Karenina Sanders; Caitriona Brennan; Gregory C Humphrey; Jon G Sanders; Erkki Vartiainen; Tiina Laatikainen; Pekka Jousilahti; Veikko Salomaa; Rob Knight; Leo Lahti; Teemu J Niiranen
Background Several small-scale animal studies have suggested that gut microbiota and blood pressure (BP) are linked. However, results from human studies remain scarce and conflicting. We wanted to elucidate the multivariable-adjusted association between gut metagenome and BP in a large, representative, well-phenotyped population sample. We performed a focused analysis to examine the previously ...
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